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Chula Vista Criminal Attorney is a California-based criminal defense law firm that works with defendants facing charges for a crime. We work with a team of well-educated and highly qualified attorneys who understand the law and understand different defense strategies and the impact these strategies have on your case.

We are a proactive defense law firm that takes every opportunity to build a strong case for you once you hire us. We do not sit and wait for what might happen – we take the initiative to collect the information we need about your case, gather witnesses, expert testimony, and prepare the defenses that will form the bulk of your case.

We are aware that defendants have a lot at stake, including their career, family, relationships, or freedom, which is why we pour our hearts into every case. Our goal is to ensure that we have provided you the best possible defense.

We work with a team of highly qualified attorneys, paralegals, private investigators, and forensic experts who bring their insights to the table any time we have a new defense case. We look at your case from different angles, looking for a unique approach and the possible defenses we can apply.

Our defense strategies are often aggressive and consider every incident of the alleged crime, and finding any loopholes in the case. We leave nothing on the table when preparing and presenting the defense for our clients.


Our attorneys are ready to handle a case from the arraignment to the finalization of the case, even if that means going to trial. We focus on delivering a wholesome defense by exploring different defense strategies after your arrest, during the pretrial stage, trial, and sentencing hearing.

Our attorneys are expert negotiators with vast trial experience that they leverage to help your case. The attorneys at Chula Vista Criminal Attorney are not quick to settle at the pretrial stage, especially when we believe we can win the case at trial.

However, before we go to trial, we communicate with our clients by letting them know what to expect, the uncertainties and possibilities of going to trial, and the possible outcomes. We allow you to decide whether you want to proceed to trial or accept the plea deal the prosecution offers.

Most defendants come to us wanting to know whether they can win the case and avoid jail or fines for the alleged crime. First, it is hard to determine the outcome of a case through the initial consultation or phone conversation you have with our attorney. Second, every case is unique, the circumstances are different, and the outcomes and possibilities are likely to vary.

Predicting the outcome of a court case, especially if we proceed to trial, can also be complicated. Also, it is unethical to promise a result since multiple factors go into determining the results of a criminal case.

The outcome of a case varies depending on the available evidence, aggravating and mitigating factors of the alleged offense, and the skill of your defense attorney. In some cases, a dismissal will be a positive outcome, while in other cases, a reduced sentence will be the best possible outcome of the case.

That said, we put in our best expertise, resources, and negotiation skills to defend every one of our clients. We will do our job as required aiming for the best possible outcome for our client.

Schedule a consultation with our criminal defense attorneys at 619-877-6894 to discuss these expectations and possibilities based on the particulars of your case.


Learning that you or a loved one is facing charges for a crime can overwhelm you. You need to figure out bail, come to terms with the charges, and hire an attorney. You will likely come across numerous attorneys offering their services, but why should you hire an attorney from Chula Vista Criminal Attorney to defend you or your loved one? Here is why other defendants trust us to defend them:

  1. Our lawyers have verified expertise in criminal law gained from years of study at some of the country's best law universities. In addition to classroom expertise, our attorneys have had direct experience defending other people facing similar charges. They will investigate every facet of the case thoroughly and prepare the motions about your case. Our attorneys are also master negotiators who use their negotiation skills during the pretrial, trial, and sentencing phases.

  2. We have a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system and the court process. We leverage this knowledge to offer you the best legal counsel you could find.

  3. We have trial experience. Finding an attorney with the right balance between negotiation skills and trial experience can be tricky. But you can be sure of getting both with Chula Vista Criminal Attorney. Our law firm believes in exhausting all the defense avenues before moving to trial. Therefore, we negotiate with the prosecution to have your charges reduced or dismissed during the pretrial stage. And if we believe that we can get a better outcome at trial, we aggressively prepare your case for trial.

  4. We take a personalized approach to every case we handle. We understand and respect the different circumstances that every case has. Instead of generalizing the cases we receive into categories and handling them as such, we examine all the circumstances of the offense and develop a personalized defense strategy for your case.

  5. Our attorneys are always available to answer any questions you have. We return all calls and communication on the same day. We also ensure you have direct contact with your attorney and the attorney’s assistant. We understand the importance of communication in easing the worries and questions you have about your case.

  6. We offer high-quality legal representation to all clients regardless of their differences or the crimes they committed. Once we accept your case, we will give 100% to the case to ensure that you get the ethical and wholehearted representation.

  7. Our firm has gained respect among prosecutors, judges, and other attorneys for our professionalism, integrity, and attention to detail.

  8. Our rates are affordable. Obtaining high-quality legal counsel does not have to be expensive when dealing with Chula Vista Criminal Attorney. We do not have hidden charges or unexpected fees that arise once you start working with us. We are upfront about the costs and fees you should pay when working with us.




Our criminal defense law firm focuses on offering defense services for people accused of violating the California Penal Code. We work with attorneys who have expertise in different areas of criminal defense as follows:


Chula Vista Criminal Attorney offers high-quality criminal defense services to clients with different needs and circumstances. While you might think the majority of the work is in the courtroom, the truth is a lot of work is unseen by the clients. We start preparing for the case right from the moment you hire us to work on your case.

The first step involves gathering all the facts of the case. The fact-gathering stage involves:

  • We communicate with the client to understand their personal and criminal history and gather facts such as the timeline and the relationship with the victim. We encourage our clients to be open and collaborate with us at this stage. You can also be certain that we will not share this information in court due to the attorney-client privilege protection.

  • The next step involves the "discovery," where we get access to all the evidence the prosecution has, including police reports, the charging document, lab tests, and witness statements. We will analyze these documents to determine the strength of the prosecution's case and any missing links that can help develop a solid defense strategy.

  • We also engage private investigators to gather new evidence and verify the facts the prosecution has. We speak to witnesses, conduct research, visit the crime scene and identify inconsistencies in the stories from the victim, witnesses, and even law enforcement.

  • Once we have your side of the story, the prosecutions, and our evidence, we develop a defense theory. The defense theory could be that another person was responsible for the crime, the crime never happened, or the events said happened but are not a crime (for instance, in the case of self-defense) or a combination of these theories. We develop these theories by brainstorming with the defense team to generate unique ideas of what might have happened.

  • We might refer to similar cases to borrow ideas the attorneys used in developing their cases. We also conduct legal research to identify various statutes that could apply to your case.

  • The next step involves finding outside consultants and experts for their contribution. We consult trial consultants to help develop defense strategies, create presentations for use during the trial, and advise on trial recommendations. We also engage expert witnesses to testify on different aspects of the crime. Some of the expert witnesses we consult include medical doctors, forensic scientists, lab technicians, and psychologists. We also engage with jury consultants to help us choose the optimal jury for the court. A jury consultant helps us weed out jurors who might have bias and identify those who could help or hinder the case.

In some cases, we intervene early before the prosecution files criminal charges against you. For early intervention, we require you to contact us soon after your arrest. We can present evidence to the district attorney to prove your case. With early intervention initiatives, the DA might file lesser charges or not file the case anyway.


When you are facing charges for a crime, you might be worried that the attorney will not defend you if they learn of your guilt. We have made it our policy at Chula Vista Criminal Attorney to give the best defense services to our clients regardless of their guilt.

We are upfront with all our clients. We take time during the initial consultation to determine the charges and your expectations. We will discuss the possibilities in your case based on the information we have. While we have defended clients who are guilty and innocent of their charges, we will not present lies in court. For example, we will not specifically state that you did not commit the crime.

The California law considers defendants innocent until proven guilty. That is why every defendant has the right to a fair trial and legal representation. In defense, the goal is not to establish whether you committed the crime but to determine whether the prosecution has the evidence that proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Ethics demand that lawyers represent all clients fiercely even if they think the court will find them guilty. We do not judge guilt, even upon your insistence, as we are aware that some people take the blame for a crime to cover for another person, which is why we go by the policy of innocent until proven guilty.


Chula Vista Criminal Attorneys are very knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way. The staff are very professional. They helped me get through my charges and put my mind at ease. Thank you!

- Alex P

Chula Vista Criminal Attorneys are the best in town. Being charged for crime can be really stressful and life changing. The attorneys helped me every step of the way and let me know all my...

- Josiah N

Great experience starting from the consultation to the end result. They listen to you and take the time to answer all your questions. I highly recommend them!

- Linda S

Kerry S. and his team helped me through my criminal case. I was pulled over and charged for DUI and had prior offenses. They were able to dismiss my DUI charge and am very thankful I found them!

- Tony G

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Chula Vista Criminal Attorney prioritizes the needs of our clients first. We understand how much confusion, anguish, and frustration a criminal charge can bring and all that is at stake for you. With these in mind, our attorneys will offer the best possible advice and defense to help you navigate the justice system. We demonstrate our expertise, professionalism, and personalization in all the cases we handle. Call us at 619-877-6894 to book your free consultation.